A new era begins…

Returning by popular demand to

Albury Entertainment Centre, 1-5 July 2024

Following the huge success of this year’s inaugural Nature-Based Solutions Conference, in 2024 we’ll expand our knowledge and experience of these exciting opportunities. A new era has begun…

In Australia, the Chubb Review has ushered in many changes to the ACCU scheme which are now taking shape:

Proponent-led method development

Do you have ambition for a method shaped by your own solution in the Carbon Farming space?

The new Integrated Farm and Land Management method

Where soil, tree plantings, and forest regrowth may all be undertaken on the same piece of land – one method, one audit. Lowering costs and improving access to carbon farming projects. Due to come on line in May/June 2024. We’ll have all the latest.

The new nature repair market

Rewards for improving biodiversity on farm, also due to start by July 2024.

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